Friday, January 22, 2016

Fully themed scrollbars in Eclipse (Trees, Tables, StyledText) in LiClipse 2.5.2

Ok, LiClipse 2.5.2 is out and it adds support for theming the scrollbars for Trees and Tables by using the Xiliary swt libraries, in addition to the support which was already built in, which allowed StyledTexts to be themed in LiClipse.

Below is a snapshot of LiClipse 2.5.2, in Windows using the LiClipse Dark theme with scrollbars visible for all the elements shown -- enough said ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

LiClipse 2.5.1 (TextMate bundle fixes and faster Python debugging)

LiClipse 2.5.1 added support to proper commenting (Ctrl+/) on TextMate based languages. Also, syntax highlighting support had some fixes done, which fixed some issues in the Ruby syntax highlighting.

Also, this version updated PyDev to 4.5.1, which brings a much faster debugger to the table and an update to the latest EGit.

See for more information on LiClipse and for PyDev.