Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LiClipse: mark occurrences (and 14 languages out of the box)

LiClipse 0.9.7 has been released.

The main targets on LiClipse are improving the usability of Eclipse and providing editors which are more lightweight than their counterparts (so, LiClipse can be used as a base editor inside Eclipse and extended with heavier counterparts where needed).

The latest language supported out of the box is the Kivy Language, so, it's currently supporting 14 languages out of the box -- see: http://brainwy.github.io/liclipse/ for details, also, it should be straightforward adding a new language, without even restarting Eclipse (mostly by creating a new .liclipse file in the proper directory... see: http://brainwy.github.io/liclipse/supported_languages.html).

In this release, LiClipse is supporting mark-occurrences (which can be toggled with Alt+Shift+O). Also, the themeing was improved and EGit views are properly themed.

On the usability front, a major gripe I had with Eclipse is that whenever I had a new workspace, the first thing I'd do is bind Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to cycle through the next/previous editors (which is Ctrl+F6 on Eclipse). Now, LiClipse adds this binding by default!

To finish, LiClipse editors now provide proper syntax highlighting when doing comparisons inside Eclipse So, for instance, if  you're comparing using EGit against the latest version of a file, LiClipse will properly provide syntax highlighting in the compare editor.