Thursday, September 25, 2014

Javascript ES6/ JSHint configuration support in LiClipse 1.2.0

The latest LiClipse 1.2.0 release is out.

The Javascript editor now supports ES6 (EcmaScript 6) constructs (but JSHint analysis must be manually configured to accept those constructs) and regular expressions on javascript are now properly colored.

Now it's also possible to specify the JSHint and HTML code analysis/code formatting configuration for a project. The main thing to note is that this must be done per-project with a YAML file (as explained at: and

I'm not sure if having a way to change the globals will be added in the future -- mostly, I think that setting the globals is usually cumbersome, and if someone gets your project and it's not configured in itself, different users may have different results, which isn't really nice... on PyDev from the beginning things were only global, but as time passes by, I'm pretty sure that having the local from the start would be much better (which is something I plan to add in the future)!

Enjoy :)