Wednesday, April 15, 2015

LiClipse 2.0 released (Nim, Go and Jinja2 supported!)

LiClipse just turned 2.0 -- along with PyDev 4.0 :)

The main highlights for this release are: Nim, Go and Jinja2 are now supported.

Multi-page editors (such as the plugins manifest editor) now also have multiple cursors and vertical indent guides support.

The JavaScript editor had improvements in the syntax highlighting and its code-formatting settings can now be tweaked ( has more details).

Different jshint.js and beautify.js files may be specified in preferences > LiClipse > JavaScript.

From this release onwards, besides providing standalone binaries and a downloadable update site, LiClipse provides an actual online update site: -- note that I still recommend users to use the standalone as it's easier to get started and it also provides updates to the underlying eclipse SDK, but the update site is now available if you have a working Eclipse version which you don't want to change.

This was also the first time where I transferred some technology from LiClipse to Eclipse (to make improvements so that the trees in the dark theme in Eclipse on Windows actually have arrows you can work with: -- and hopefully I'll still be able to make time to integrate another one to improve the selections on trees/tables for the next Eclipse release:

A note for existing users: a renew license currently has a 50% discount over the price of a full license -- thank you for helping in keeping LiClipse going strong!