Thursday, May 5, 2016

LiClipse 3.0.1: Java 8 now required (JSHint and Beautify.js using Nashorn JavaScript engine)

LiClipse 3.0.1 is now available for download.

There are 2 major changes in this release: it's now based on Eclipse 4.6 M7 and requires Java 8 to run.

I find Eclipse 4.6 M7 a big improvement over 4.5 already (for me, the major improvements are that the default dark theme improved and it's speedier, but there are many other improvements -- you can see those starting at -- and going back up to M1).

The Java 8 requirement also brought a nice improvement for running JSHint: the Nashorn JavaScript engine which is now used to run it (it's much faster than Rhino, so, big JavaScript documents should no longer make LiClipse stall due to the JSHint code-analysis) -- unfortunately it's not currently officially supported (, so, a modified version was used to run in it in LiClipse.

This release also removed the builtin support for the trees/tables custom scrollbars (I hope to restore that later on... still, currently, it's possible to restore it's behavior by installing the Xiliary plugin from and enabling the related setting at at General > Appearance > Color Theme).

Also, EGit (which now handles pre-commit hooks properly) and PyDev (which now keeps the state of the PyUnit view across restarts) were updated.

As a note, users which have a license for LiClipse 2.x need to renew the license to use LiClipse 3.x (users that bought it within the last month are eligible for a free upgrade).

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