Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vertical Indent Guides in LiClipse 1.2.1

The latest LiClipse release (1.2.1) adds vertical indent guides -- to all Eclipse editors.

By default it's enabled to act in all Eclipse editors, so, even CDT/JDT/etc. will have it, but it's possible to configure it in the preferences to act only for LiClipse editors or disable it altogether.

The screenshot below shows it in action in PyDev:



  1. Hello, I have a problem with Javascript. I can' add templates for it. This is the content of /opt/liclipse/plugins/com.brainwy.liclipse.editor_1.2.1.201411111451/languages/javascript.extends.liclipse:

    extend: Javascript

    # Only available if 'extend' is defined:
    # appends data to the specified items (in this case templates).
    - templates:
    - name: 'fun'
    description: "Function"
    auto_insert: true
    pattern: |-
    function ${name}(${args}) {

    1. Hi Lucas,

      Sorry for that... it was a documentation issue on my side. The file should end with .extend.liclipse. So, if you rename it to javascript.extend.liclipse (without the 's') and reopen your javascript editor, those code-completions should be available.

  2. Thank you a lot, it works now!

    Do you know if Eclipse does have a more rapid shorcut for templates instead of CONTROL+SPACE and select? Gedit insert snippets using ABBREVIATION+TAB only.